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USDA - National Organic Standards
Docket no. TND-94-00-2
USDA AMS Room 4007-2
AGStop 0275
PO BOX 96456
Washington DC 20090-6456

Dear Madam,

As a Swedish consumer organisation we urge you to withdraw the National Organic Program, Proposed Rule, of Dec. 16 1997. We are alarmed by the news that you propose to alter a number of definitions (e.g. Organic) and add new ones (e.g. Non-active synthetic). We also urge you to support the National Organic Standards Board´s prohibition of the use of genetic engineering. Please cooperate with IFOAM on this issue as consumers all over the world have great trust in this organisation.

We are also concerned of your proposal as the work on Labelling of Organic Foods has gone so far within the Codex-process and your proposal is so far from what the whole world is going to agree upon. We see your proposal as a threat to future import from USA of organic products as swedish consumers will refuse to buy products labelled according to your proposal. It can be a trade barrier, but created by your own legislation. Please listen to the world outside your own country. The rest of the world count and it is not particularly appreciated that you dictate the rules for the whole world.

Other issues of concern is irradiation, sludge and factory farming. We can absolutely not accept such practices in organic farming. As consumers, we will not accept such food to be labelled as organic and definitely not buy them!

Sincerely yours,
Bengt Ingerstam
Swedish Consumer Coalition

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