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Luleå Initiative on Biosafety and Consumer Rights

People from different parts of the World, with different roles in society and from different professions, gathered together in Luleå, Sweden from February 19 – 21, 1999 for the  ”Dolly and the Bean” Conference on Understanding Biotechnology in Broader Contexts. The following Declaration was agreed by the undersigned participants, in our common roles as citizens and consumers: 
We are concerned about  

  • The increasing and rapid commercialization of science. 
  • The decrease in independent public research. 
  • The epidemic of patenting of life forms. 
  • The lack of transparancy in corporate science. 
  • The lack of risk analysis by civil society and independent scientists. 
  • The lack of dialogue between business and corporate scientists on one side, and on the other side civil society and public science. 
  • The lack of real influence by citizens in decision making bodies. 
  • The implications of the upcoming World Trade Organisation negotiations on food safety. 
We therefore call for 

Strengthening independent public research on biosafety and risk 

No patents on life - as patents restrict knowledge exchange as well 
     as limit competition and free trade. 

Complete and comprehensive labelling on GMO foods to ensure 
    consumers their democratic right to choose. 

We, the undersigned participants, support the Lule Declaration: 

Underskrifterna publiceras inte på grund av gällande lagstiftning men kopia kan fås för den som är intresserad.

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