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GM Watch om skandalen med Bayers ris - Sammandrag

GM Watch 18 aug:
Late on Friday 18 August it was announced that an unapproved GM rice (LLRice 601) grown only in Bayer field trials had been found contaminating US long-grain rice.

GM rice in US food supply - FDA 18 aug:
EXCERPT: "This rice variety, not intended for commercialization, was not submitted to FDA for evaluation under the Agency's voluntary biotechnology consultation process." - FDA
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U.S. Food and Drug Administration offentliggör i augusti:
Bayer CropScience recently notified the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) that trace amounts of a bioengineered variety of rice were detected in samples of commercial rice seed, and may have entered the food and feed supply in the United States. Läs mer >>

Statement by Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns Regarding Genetically Engineered Rice
USDA, August 18 2006

"The U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Food and Drug Administration have been notified by Bayer CropScience that the company has detected trace amounts of regulated genetically engineered (GE) rice in samples taken from commercial long grain rice. Both have reviewed the available scientific data and concluded that there are no human health, food safety, or environmental concerns associated with this GE rice. Läs mer >>

FACT SHEET Aug 2006:
Genetic engineering (GE) is a precise and predictable method used to introduce new traits into plants and animals by moving genes and other genetic elements from one or more organisms into another organism. Läs mer >>

GM Watch 20 aug:
UPDATE: Japan Suspends US Long-Grain Rice Imports - Report
Sunday August 20th, 2006 / 12h36
TOKYO (AP)--Japan has suspended imports of U.S. long-grain rice following a positive test for trace amounts of a genetically modified strain not approved for human consumption, a news report said Sunday. Läs mer >>

GM Watch 24 aug:
An article in the New York Times shows that:
***Rice marketer Riceland Foods knew in January that there was contamination of rice destined for export and human consumption
***The contaminated rice appears to be widespread across Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas
***There appear to be many positive samples
***Bayer knew about this in May, but apparently did not inform USDA until July 31
***And USDA did not go public until nearly 3 weeks later.
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GM Watch 27 aug:
U.S. knowingly shipped banned food for a year / Take all U.S. rice off supermarket shelves (27/8/2006)
1.US knowingly shipped banned food for a year
COMMENT FROM MARK GRIFFITHS: Moral of the story? Don't buy foodstuffs from the USA. They can't handle this technology. Läs mer >>

GM Watch 27 aug:
Protest deregulation of rogue rice - LL601 (27/8/2006)
There is no limit to the skulduggery of the GM corporations -- and Bayer is the latest one to show its skills in the avoidance of responsibility. It wants [its unapproved GM rice now contaminating US rice] LL601 "deregulated" at high speed, thereby making the variety perfectly OK and transforming it from a contaminant to an administrative oversight. We have protested to Mr Hoffman at APHIS -- please join us as a matter of urgency...... his e-mail address is below. Läs mer >>

GM Watch 29 aug:
More on Bayer class action / Bayer to cut 1,500 jobs in CropScience unit (29/8/2006)
1.Six State Class Action Filed against Bayer CropScience
2.Bayer to cut 1,500 jobs in CropScience unit
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GM Watch 30 aug
USDA Hides Another Biotech Disaster
By Megan Tady Läs mer >>

The NewStandard, August 30 2006.
Bayer CropScience kept it a secret that its genetically modified rice contaminated public food supplies. The government was only too happy to help. Läs mer >>

GM Watch 30 aug:
EU still anxious for details on U.S. biotech rice (30/8/2006)
1.EU still anxious for details on U.S. biotech rice
By Jeremy Smith

REUTERS, Aug 30, 2006
More worrying for Brussels, the presence of the unauthorised rice strain in the U.S. commercial rice market may have been known for some time, maybe since early 2006. Läs mer >>

2.Questions abound as rice industry faces GMO concerns
By David Bennett
Farm Press Editorial Staff

Delta Farm Press, August 30 2006:
According to Dwight Roberts, on the afternoon of Aug. 18, "all hell broke loose" when USDA head Mike Johanns announced that trace amounts of GM rice had been found in the U.S supply. Läs mer >>

Following USDA's announcement about the GM contamination, the market reacted negatively.
Dwight Roberts, president of the US Rice Producers' Association (USRPA), said, "There is no good news with this... On (Aug. 21) the futures market fell 28 cents. (On Aug. 22), it fell the limit. Overnight trading was up a few cents but has since fallen. ... This is not what we wanted to hear." For losses on (Aug. 21 and Aug. 22) alone, "we calculate farmers lost about $150 million. We feel farmers shouldn't take the brunt of this."

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