Konsumenter i Samverkan  
Kampanj: Globalisering...........


In November 1999, the governments of the world will meet in Seattle for the World Trade Organization's Third Ministerial Conference. We, the undersigned members of international civil society, oppose any effort to expand the powers of the World Trade Organization (WTO) through a new comprehensive round of trade liberalisation. Instead, governments should review and rectify the deficiencies of the system and the WTO regime itself.

The Uruguay Round Agreements and the establishment of the WTO were proclaimed as a means of enhancing the creation of global wealth and prosperity and promoting the well-being of all people in all member states. In reality however, in the past five years the WTO has contributed to the concentration of wealth in the hands of the rich few; increasing poverty for the majority of the world's population; and
unsustainable patterns of production and consumption.

The Uruguay Round Agreements have functioned principally to prise open markets for the benefit of transnational corporations at the expense of national economies; workers, farmers and other people; and the environment. In addition, the WTO system, rules and procedures are undemocratic, untransparent and non-accountable and have operated to marginalise the majority of the world's people.

All this has taken place in the context of increasing global economic instability, the collapse of national economies, increasing inequity both between and within nations and increasing environmental and social degradation, as a result of the acceleration of the process of globalisation.

The governments which dominate the WTO and the transnational corporations which have benefited from the WTO system have refused to recognise and address these problems. Instead, they are pushing for further liberalisation through the introduction of new issues for adoption in the WTO. This will lead to the exacerbation of the crisis associated which the process of globalisation and the WTO.

We oppose any further liberalisation negotiations, especially those which will bring new areas under the WTO regime, such as investment, competition policy and government procurement. We commit ourselves to campaign to reject any such proposals. We also oppose the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement.

We call for a moratorium on any new issues or further negotiations that expand the scope and power of the WTO.

During this moratorium there should be a comprehensive and in-depth review and assessment of the existing agreements. Effective steps should then be taken to change the agreements. Such a review should address the WTO's impact on marginalised communities, development, democracy,
environment, health, human rights, labour rights and the rights of women and children. The review must be conducted with civil society's full participation.

The failure of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) demonstrates broad public opposition to the deregulation of the global economy, the increasing dominance of transnational corporations and escalating resource use and environmental degradation.

A review of the system will provide an opportunity for society to change course and develop an alternative, humane and sustainable international system of trade and investment relations.

This statement is signed by:

50 Years is Enough: US Network for Global Justice , USA
8th Day Centre for Justice, IL, USA
A SEED, Europe
AAI - Anti Atom International, Wien, Austria
Aboriginal Tourism Authority, Canada
Absolventenverein der Landwirtschaftlichen Lehranstalt Lienz,, Austria
Abya Yala Fund for Self-Development of Indigenous Peoples (Mexico,
Central, and South America)
AC! (Agir Ensable contre le chômage, France
Accion Ecologica - Friends of the Earth Ecuador
Action Committee Sem-Terra, Netherlands
ADHOC (Cambodian Human Rights Association), Cambodia
Advocates for Animal Rights Nassau, The Bahamas
Africa Policy Information Centre (APIC), USA
Africa Faith and Justice Network
Africa Trade Network
Agora - Associação para Projetos de Combate à Fome Brasília/Brasil
akin-Redaktion (Wochenzeitschrift "aktuelle informationen"), Austria
Aktie Strohalm, the Netherlands
AID/WATCH (Australia)
AITEC (Association Internationale de Techniciens, Experts et
Chercheurs), France
AK Weltwirtschaft Nuernberg, Germany
Aktion Umweltgespräche Lienz, Austria
Alberta Aboriginal Tourism Alliance, Canada
All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF), India
All Japan Federation of Farmer's Union (Zennichino), Japan
All Pakistan Trade Union Federation - Pakistan
Alliance for Democracy, Indiana Chapter, USA
Alliance for Democracy, USA
ALT - Ambiente Lavoro Toscana, Italy
Alt Ref Boku / Oeh, Austria
Alternative Consumer Association, the Netherlands
Alternative Information and Development Centre (AIDC), South Africa
Alternative to the EU, Finland
American Lands Alliance, USA
Americans for Democratic Action, USA
Americas Update Editorial Collective, USA
Amigos de la Tierra Argentina / Friends of the Earth Argentina
AMRASH, Morrocan Association of Research Action for Sustainable
Development, Morocco
Amsterdam Solidarity Committee Refugees / Supportgroup Refugees, the
Anarchist Action of Rochester, NY, USA
Anarchist Now! (United States)
Animals Require Kindness Nassau, The Bahamas
Anti-Atom-Gruppe der Projektwerkstatt Nuernberg, Germany
Anti-Atom-Netzwerk Mittelfranken, Germany
Anti Fascistisk Aktion-Stockholm, Sweden
Anti-Militarist Research Collective North, the Netherlands
APEC Labour Rights Monitor (ALARM), Hong Kong
APEC Monitor NGO Network (AM-net), Japan
APWSL, Pakistan
Arawack Cay Fish and Vegetable Association, Nassau, The Bahamas
Arbeitsgemeinschaft bäuerliche Landwirtschaft - AbL, Germany
ARCI - Firenze, Italy
Arctic to Amazonia Alliance, USA
ARGE fuer Kriegsdienstverweigerung und Gewaltfreiheit, Austria
ARGE Gemeinsam gegen Atomgefahren, St. Peter, Austria
Arge Stop Transit, Postfach, Lienz, Austria
Armidale Environment Centre, Australia
Asia-Japan Women's Resource Centre, Japan
Asia Indigenous Women's Network, the Philippines
Asia Pacific Environmental Exchange, USA
Asia Monitor Resource Center (AMRC), Hong-Kong
Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (Thailand)
Asian Farmers Exchange Center, Japan
Association d'Entraide Professionelle (AEP), Lebanon
Association of African Women for Research and Development (AAWORD)
Association of State Green Parties, USA
Association pour le Commerce Equitable de Genève (ACEG), Switzerland
Associazione AD GENTES - Pavia, Italy
Associazione PROGETTO ARCOBALENO - Firenze, Italy
ATTAC, France
Australian Education Union, Australia
Australian for Ecologically Sustainable Population- South East
Queensland Branch, Australia
Australian STOP MAI Coalition, Australia
Bahamas Reef Environment Education Foundation Nassau, The Bahamas
Baja Ecotopia Earth First!, USA
Baltimore Action for Justice in the Americas (BAJA), USA
Banaban Heritage Society, Japan
Bangladesh Group, Netherlands
Bank Information Center (USA)
Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation, Canada
BEATI COSTRUTTORI DI PACE - Bagno a Ripoli (Fi), Italy
Berne Declaration, Switzerland
BIU - Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz, Budweis, Czech Republik
Blackfoot Confederacy, Montana, USA
Blackfoot Treaty Voices, Alberta, Canada
Blue-Green  Society from Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada
BLUE 21, Berlin Working Group on Environment and Development, Germany
Both ENDS, the Netherlands
BOX S.E.P.E - Firenze, Italy
Buendnis fuer Eine Welt/ OEIE (Alliance for One World), Austria
BUKO Agro Coordination, Germany
Bund Deutscher PfadfinderInnen KV Nuernberg, Germany
BUND (Bund fuer Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland), Friends of the
Earth Germany
California Fair Trade Campaign, USA
Campaign Against the Arms Trade, Southampton, UK
Campaign for Food Safety, USA
Campaign for Labor Rights, USA
Campaign to Abolish Poverty, CA, USA
Canadian Action Party, Canada
Canadian Environmental Law Association, Canada
CAR BUSTERS Magazine and Resource Centre, France
Casa dei diritti sociali - Firenze, Italy
Catholics in Coalition for Justice and Peace (CCJP), Sydney, Australia
Cebu Environmental Initiatives for Development Center, Inc, the
CEDETIM (Centre d'Etudes et d'Initiatives de Solidarité Internationale),
Center for Alternative Development Initiatives (CADI), the Philippines
Center for Campus Organizing, MA, USA
Center for Environmental Public Advocacy - the Slovak Republic
Center for Encounter and Active Non-Violence Bad Ischl, Austria
Centre de Recerca i Informacio en Consum (Barcelona, Spain)
Centre for Social Justice and Global Awarness, TX, USA
Centre for Food Policy, Thames Valley University , UK
Centre for Gender and Development Studies, University of the West
Indies, Barbados
Centro de Debate y Accion Ambiental (Colombia)
Centro de Estudios Uruguayo de Tecnologicas Apropiades (CEUTA), Uruguay
Centro de Informacao e Documentacao Amilcar Cabral (CIDAC), Portugal
Centro Euri de Investigacion y Promocion Regional, Peru
Centro Orientamento Iniziative America Latina - Firenze, Italy
Centro S. APOLLINARE - Fiesole (Fi), Italy
Centrum ENERGIE, Budweis, Czech Republik
CESTA-Friends of the Earth El Salvador
Cetacean Society International
Chiche! Jeunes Ecolos Alternatifs Solidaires, France
Christian Aid, UK
Christian Centre for Financial Responsibility, USA
Church of Sweden Aid / Lutherhjaelpen, Sweden
Citizens’ Reaction Against Pollution, USA
Citizens’ Alliance of Santa Barbara, USA
CISCAP (Committee in Solidarity with the Central American People), OR,
Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras, USA
Coalition on Women, Religion, Spirituality, Seattle, WA, USA
Collectif Droits des Femmes, France
College Institute Educators Association (British Columbia), Canada
Comboni Missionaries J & P Resource Center
Comhlamh, the Irish Association of Returned Development Workers, Ireland

Comitato di solidarietà col popolo del Nicaragua - Bagno a Ripoli (Fi),
Comitato Paul Rougeau contro la pena di morte - Firenze, Italy
Comitato per la Costituzione P. CALAMANDREI - Firenze, Italy
Comitato Scientifico Antivivisezionista, Italy
Commission Socialiste de Solidarite Internationale (CSSI), Switzerland
Committee Utrecht against Racisme and Fascisme, the Netherlands
Communist Party of Canada, Canada
Comunità dell'Isolotto - Firenze, Italy
Comunità di Base Le Piagge - Firenze, Italy
Comunità Emmaus - Firenze, Italy
Concordia Student Union, Montreal, Canada
Confederacao Nacional da Agricultura (CNA), Portugal
Confederation Paysanne, France
Conference of Social Justice Coordinators of Southern California, USA
Conference of Social Justice Coordinators of Northern California, USA
Congregation of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, USA
Consiglio di Quartiere 4 - Firenze, Italy
Consolato ribelle del Messico - Firenze, Italy
Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS), India
Consumer Union of Japan
Coordinamento Fiorentino della Campagna "Dire mai al MAI", Italy
Coordination genevoise contre l'AMI et ses clones (Switzerland)
Coordination Paysanne Europeene / European Farmers' Coalition (CPE)
Copenhagen Initiative for Central America (CIFCA), Denmark
Corner House, UK
Corporate Agribusiness Research Project, USA
Corporate Europe Observatory
Corporate Watch, UK
Cortes Ecoforestry Society, Canada
CO.S.P.E. - Firenze, Italy
COS Groningen, Centre for International Cooperation, the Netherlands
Council of Canadians, Canada
Council of Canadians, Vancouver Chapter, Canada
C.P.A. Firenze Sud - Firenze, Italy
Craft Centre, Washington DC, USA
CRISLA-RITIMO (Solidarite Internationale, Development Durable, Droits de
l'Homme), France
Dakota Resource Council, USA
Dalit Action Solidarity Collective (DASC), Tamil Nadu, India
Dana Association (A.C.), Mexico
DECA Equipo Pueblo, Mexico
Democratic Socialists of America, USA
Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era
Development Fund, Norway
Dire Mai al MAI, national Italian campaign, Italy
Diverse Women for Diversity, India
Down to Earth - the International Campaign for Ecological Justice in
Indonesia, UK
Droits devant!! (France)
DWARS, GreenLeft Youthorganisation, the Netherlands
Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge, Norwegian Society for the Protection of Animals,
Earth First! Czech Republic
Earthcare Freeport Grandbahama The Bahamas
East Timor Action Network / Arizona, USA
East Timor Action Network, Los Angeles, USA
EcoLogic, Troy New York, USA
Ecologistas en Accion, Spain
Economic Reform Australia
Economic Justice Now, USA
Ecoropa, France
ECOROPA, Germany
ECOTERRA International, Nairobi Node, Kenya
Ecumenical Coalition for Economic Justice, Canada
Edmonds Institute, USA
Edogawa Grass-root Citizen's Network on Global Warming, Japan
Education and Training Employees Association, Vancouver, Canada
Education Foundation, Pakistan
Emmaus, France
Emmaus, Italy
Emmaus International, bureau de liaison Europe
Emmaus De Bilt, the Netherlands
Emmaus Regenboog, Wageningen, the Netherlands
Emmaus Turku, Finland
ENDA Inter-Arabe - environment and development in the Arab World
ENDA Tier Monde, Senegal
Energias Alternativas. FUNDAGREA, Venezuela
Environment and Development, Finland
Environmental Investigation Agency, UK
Environmental Law Association of McGill, USA
Envirowatch Inc, USA
EpoG - Society for Development Policy, Germany
ERNTEVERBAND Osttirol, Lienz, Austria
Essential Action, USA
European Federation of Green Parties, Europe
European Youth For(est) Action, Europe
Euskal Herriko Nekazarien Elkartasuna (Union de ganaderos Y Agricultores
Vascos) EHNE/UGAV, Spain
Everyone for a Nuclear Free Future, Australia
Falls Brook Centre, Canada
Faltbiologema, Sweden
FAIR NZ - New Zealand
Fair Trade Federation, USA
FarmFolk/CityFolk Society, Vancouver, Canada
Federation of Oil Workers Trade Union (Oljearbeidernes
Fellessammenslutning), OFS, Norway
Federation of Young Europen Greens
Federer et Liberer - France
Feministische Partie DIE FRAUEN / Bayern, Fuerth, Germany
Fiji Council of Churches Reseach Group, Fiji Islands
Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, Finland
Finnish Association of World Shops, Finland
Focus on the Global South, Thailand
Folgende Initiativen, Austria
Foodcooperation Utrecht, the Netherlands
Food First/ The Institute for Food and Development Policy, USA
Forests Monitor, UK
Foro para el Desarollo Sustentable, Mexico
Fórum Brasileiro de Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional Sustentável -
Secretariado Nacional, Brazil
Forum of Environmental Journalists, Bangladesh
Foundation Omslag, the Netherlands
Foundation Searchweb, the Netherlands
Fourth World Association, Finland
Fraie Letzebuerger Baureverband (FLB), Luxembourg
Frauen gegen Transit, Lienz, Austria
Frauensolidaritat (Solidarity among Women), Austria
Free Burma Coalition, USA
Free Union of Students (Russia)
Friends of Earth and Trees (FEATS), Pakistan
Friends of the Christmas Mountains, Sackville, New Brunswick ,Canada
Friends of the Earth Australia
Friends of the Earth - Czech Republic, Hnuti Duha Praha, Czech Republic
Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Friends of the Earth Finland
Friends of the Earth Georgia
Friends of the Earth International
Friends of the Earth Lithuania
Friends of the Earth Middle East
Friends of the Earth Netherlands - Milieudefensie, the Netherlands
Friends of the Earth New Zealand
Friends of the Earth Norway / Norges Naturvernforund, Norway
Friends of the Earth - Slovakia
Friends of the Earth Sweden / Miljoforbundet Jordens Vanner, Sweden
Friends of the Earth Togo
Friends of the Earth United States
Fur for Animals, the Netherlands
Friends of the Environment Abaco The Bahamas
Front Range Fair Trade Coalition, CO, USA
Front Uni des Jeunes Agriculteurs (FUJA), Belgium
Full Employment Coalition, USA
Fundacion Desarollo Sustentable de Venezuela
Gaia Community Trust, UK
Gaia Foundation, UK
Gaia Preservation Coalition, Canada
GATT WTO Campaign, Norway
Gene-Ethics Network Northern Rivers, Australia
Genesis Farm, NJ, USA
Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN)
Genetic Concern, Ireland
German-African Association, Berlin, Germany
G.I.T. Banca Etica - Firenze, Italy
Global 2000 - Friends of the Earth Austria
Global Citizens for Local Action Shinjuku (Japan)
Global Exchange, USA
Global Forum on Sustainable Food and Nutritional Security, Tamil Nadu,
Global People's Foundation 'Earth Tree', Japan
Global Response, USA
Global Labour Institute
Global Village, Japan
Globalisation Challenge Initiative, USA
GM-FREE Magazine, UK
Good Shepherd Social Justice Network, Australia and New Zealand
Goucher College Students for Peace and Non-Violent Action, MD, USA
Grandmothers for Peace, Finland
Gray Panthers of Seattle, USA
Greater Sacramento Chapter of the Alliance for Democracy, USA
Green Action, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Green Library, Latvia
Green Korea United, Korea
Green Party of Canada
Green Party of England and Wales, UK
Green Youth Action, UK
Greens, Green Party USA
Group KIKI, Japan
Group de Recherche en Agriculture Biologique, France
Gruppo Economia E.Balducci - Badia  Fiesolana - Firenze, Italy
Gruppo Verdi - Firenze, Italy
Guatemala Committee, the Netherlands
Guido España Barrios, Bolivia
Hague Peace Platform, the Netherlands
Happiness Academy, Australia
Happy Planet Foods, Canada
Hawai'i Wildlife Fund, Paia, Hawai'i, USA
Hawai'i Pesticide Project, Honolulu, Hawai'i, USA
Heartwood, IN, USA
Hightower Radio, TX, USA
Hope for Change, Iligan City, Philippines
Human Rights Clinic and Education Centre, Cameroon
Humanity Association, India
Humboldt Centre, Nicaragua
IKKF (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)),
IL FILO ROSSO  Associazione di cultura e politica -  Firenze, Italy
IL MURETTO  Associazione di volontariato - Firenze, Italy
IL  POZZO  Cooperativa sociale - Firenze, Italy
Indian National Social Action Forum, INSAF, India
Indian Rural Medical Association, India
Indigenous Peoples’ Biodiversity Network, Peru
INKOTA-netzwerk, Berlin, Germany
Institut pour la relocalisation de l'economie, France
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (USA)
Institute for Alternative Community Development (IACOD), Japan
Institute for Cultural Ecology
Institute for Global Futures Research (IGFR), Australia
Institute for Popular Democracy (IPD) - Philippines
Institute of Central American Studies, Costa Rica
Institute of Interdisciplinary Study and Research (Germany)
Institute of Our Lady of Mercy (England)
Institute Justice Team, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, IL, USA
Instituto de Estudos Amazonicos, Brazil
Instituto Latinoamericano de Servicios Legales Alternativos, Colombia
Interface Trading, Senegal
International Coalition for Development Action (ICDA), Belgium
International Committee Against Disappearences
International Forum on Globalization (IFG), USA
International Group for Grassroots Initiatives, India
International Human Rights Association, Germany
International Labour Rights Fund
International Alliance for People’s Movements, Iowa, USA
International Campaign for Responsible Technology
International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC)
International South Group Network (ISGN), Harare, Zimbabwe
International People's Health Council (IPHC) Southeast Asia/Pacific &
North East Asia
Iowa City Green Party, USA
Island Expedition Nassau, The Bahamas
ITALIA NOSTRA - Firenze, Italy
Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC), Japan
Japan Tropical Forest Action Network (JATAN), Japan
Jesuits for Debt Relief and Development
Jeunesse Socialiste Genève (Switzerland)
Jobless People's Interests Union Amsterdam, the Netherlands
JustAct, Youth ACTion for Global JUSTice
Justice?/SchNEWS, Brighton, England
Kaerntner Netzwerk gegen Armut und Ausgrenzung, Austria
KAIROS EUROPA, Heidelberg, Germany
Kalmiopsis Audubon Society, USA
Kalpavriksh - Environmental Action Group, India
KATAWHAN MO, Ozamiz City, Philippines
Katholische Arbeitnehmerbewegung (KAB), Lienz, Austria
Katholischer Familienverband, Zweigstelle Lienz, Austria
Keepers of Lake Eyre, Australia
KEPA Trade Policy Working Group, Finland
KEY, Korea
KIN International - Victoria, Canada
Komitee Widerstand gegen das M.A.I., Germany
L' ALTRACITTA', giornale della periferia - Firenze, Italy
Lanao United Peasant Association (LUPA), Mindanao, Philippines
Latin America Center Social Ecology (CLAES), Uruguay
Leadership Council of Peace Action of San Mateo County CA, USA
League for Free Finland, Finland
League of Life Rights and Defence and Balance in Support of Nature,
LEGAMBIENTE - Firenze, Italy
Les Peripheriques Vous Parlent, France
LETS Victoria, BC, Canada
LightHawk, Seattle, WA, USA
Ligne Blanche, France
Ligue Communiste Revolutionnaire (LRC), France
Ligue de Défense du Patrimoine et des Intérêts Guadeloupéens, Guadeloupe

Liverpool People & Planet, UK
Lokayan, India
London Human Rights Forum, UK
Los Verdes, España
LUNDUAN, Iligan City, Philippines
Magasins du monde - OXFAM (Belgium)
MAGIC, Stanford, CA, US
MAI niet gezien! anti-MAI campaign, the Netherlands
MAID, the Netherlands
Manitoba MAI Awareness Coalition, Canada
Mama Cash, Funding Organisation for Women, the Netherlands
MAMA TERRA / For Mother Earth - Romania
MANI TESE - Firenze, Italy
Memphis Audubon Society, TN, USA
Menorah Jewish Network, Albury Australia
Metro-Detroit Alliance for Democracy, USA
Mercy Congregation Justice Desk, Ireland
Mercy Consolidated Asset Management Program
Mercy Foundation Ltd, Australia
Mesa Nacional Campesina de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
Mexican Action Network on Free Trade (Mexico)
Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition, USA
Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood, International Missionary
Congregation, Rome, Italy
ML-gruppa Revolusjon (Revolution), Norway
MoKan Alliance for Democracy, Kansas City, USA
Motheho Integrity Consultants, South Africa
Morgantown Fair Trade Coalition, West Virginia, USA
Mouvement International de Jeunesse Agricole et rurale catholique
Moviment ghalt Ambjent, Friends of the Earth (Malta)
Movimiento AgroEcologico Chileno, Chile
Movimiento Contra la Europa da Maastricht y la Globalizacion Economica,
Nagano Minshuuken, Japan
National Association of Consumers from Venezuela (ANC), Venezuela
National Centre for Sustainability, Canada
National Confederation of Farmers' Movement (NOUMINREN), Japan
National Network On Violence Against Women, South Africa
National Platform, Ireland
National Union of Third Worldshops Region Schagen, the Netherlands
Native Forest Council, USA
Native Forest Network, Southern Hemisphere
Native News Network of Canada
Nature and Youth (Friends of the Earth, Youth Branch), Norway
Nature Association of Varsinais-Suomi, Finland
NCOS (National Centre for Development Corporation), Belgium
Nea Ecologia / Friends of the Earth - Greece
Nei til EU, Norway
Netherlands Committee for IUCN, the Netherlands
Network for Environment and Economic Responsibility of the United
Church, USA
Network for Safe and Secure Food and Environment, Japan
Network for Safe and Secure Food and Environment, Niigata, Japan
New Democratic Party of Canada, Quebec Section, Canada
New Raza Left - Los Angeles, USA
New Economics Foundation, UK
New Paltz Green Party, USA
New Wind, Finland
New York Metro Chapter of the Labor Party, USA
New York State Greens / Green Party of New York State, USA
NEWS! the Network of European World Shops, Europe
NOAH - Friends of the Earth Denmark
Norges Bondekvinnelag / Norwegian Society of Rural Women, Norway
Norsk Bonde-og Smabrukarlag (Norwegian farmers' and smallholders'
union), Norway
Norsk Kommuneforbund (Norwegian Union of Municipal Employees), Norway
Norsk Okologisk Landbrukslag (Organic Farmers Union), Norway
North-East of England Green Party, UK
Northwest Environmental Defense Center of Portland, USA
Northwest International Health Action Coalition, Seattle, Washington,
Norwegian Assoication of Health and Social Care Personell (NHS), Norway
Norwegian Civil Service Union, Norway
Norwegian Committee for Solidarity with Latin America, Norway
Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group, Canada
Novalis Institute, Cape Town, South Africa
Nuove Prospettive, Rome, Italy
Obiettori di coscienza alle spese militari - Firenze, Italy
Observatoire de la Mondalisation, France
Observe Respect & Compassion for Animals (ORCA),  Pacifica, CA, US
Ocean Watch Bahamas Nassau The Bahamas
Odhikar: A Coalition for Human Rights, Bangladesh
Oesterreichische Bergbauernvereinigung, Austria
OGB -Bezirkstelle Lienz, Austria
Ohio Fair Trade Campaign, USA
Oikos. Journal for Politics, Environment and Culture (Belgium)
Oilwatch Mesoamerica, Guatemala
Okayama Grassroot Movement Citizen's Center (OGMCC), Japan
OOe Plattform gegen Atomgefahr, Linz, Austria
Operation SalAMI, Montreal, Canada
Österreichische Bergbauernvereinigung (ÖBV), Austria
OtherWise, Interdisciplinary Research and Education on Sustainable
Development, the Netherlands
Oxfam-Solidarity, Belgium
Oxfam-Wereldwinkels, Belgium
Oxfam-Solidarity, Belgium
Pacific Environment and Resources Center, Oakland, CA, USA
Pacific Asia Resource Center (PARC), Tokyo, Japan
Pacific Environment and Resource Center, CA, USA
Pacifist Socialist Party '92, the Netherlands
PACS - Institute of Alternative Politics for the Southern Cone of Latin
America, Brazil
PAMAI (People Against the MAI), Toronto, Canada
Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands Forest Protection Group in Japan
(PSFPGJ), Japan
PCPE (Partido Comunista de los Pueblos de Espanya), Spain
PAN (Pesticide Action Network), Indonesia
Pan Africanist Congress of Azania, South Africa
Pan Africanist Women's Organistion, South Africa
PAN-AP (Pesticide Action Network, Asia and the Pacific), Malaysia
Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical and Energy Workers' Union, AFL-CIO,
Partizans, UK
PAX CHRISTI - Firenze, Italy
Pax Christi, Victoria, Australia
Pax Romana ICMICA (Thailand)
Peace and Justice Centre of Southern California, USA
Peace and Justice Task Force, United Church of Christ, Rocky Mountain
Conference, USA
Peace Chain Reaction, Japan
Peace Committee of  Workplaces, Finland
Peace Defenders of Finland
Pennsylvania Consumer Action Network, USA
Pensioners of Working People of Turku, Finland
People Against Racist Terror (PART), USA
People and Planet network, UK
People to People Aid, Japan
People's Movement, Australia
People's Forum 2001, Japan
Pericles, France
Pesticide Action Network, North America
Pesticide Trust, UK
Pestizid Aktions- Netzwerk e.V. (PAN Germany)
Philippine Greens, Philippines
Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM), Philippines
Plataforma Rural, Spain
Platfeorm Haitienne de Plaidoyer pour un Developpment Alternatif
(PAPDA), Haiti
Play Fair Europe!, European Union
Polaris Institute (Canada)
Positive Futures Network, USA
Preamble Center, United States
PRESS, Save the Children youth, Norway
PRLDEF Institute for Puerto Rican Policy Inc, USA
Programa Semillas (Fundacion Swissaid - Colombia)
Progressive Bookshop Rosa, the Netherlands
Project South: Institute for the Elimination of Poverty and Genocide,
Pryority One Carpentry - Australia
Public Interest Research Group, India
Public Citizen, USA
Radical Routes, coops for social change, UK
Rainforest Action Network, San Francisco, CA, USA
RAPAM Coordinator Mexico
Reclaim Australia
Red de Accion en Alternativas al Uso de Agroquimicas, Lima, Peru
Red de Permacultura Mexico
Red Electoral Alliance, Norway
Red Green Alliance, Denmark
Red Interamericana de Agriculturas y Democracia (RIAD), Ecuador
Rede Dia Mundial da Alimentação- Povos de lïngua Portuguesa.Ponto Focal
Global, Brazil
REDES Amigos de la Tierra - Friends of the Earth Uruguay
reEarth Nassau, The Bahamas
Reform Party of Rancho Mirage, USA
Regenwaldforum Nordbayern e.V., Germany
Regional Environmental Action League, MN, USA
Resource Center of the Americas, USA
Rethinking Tourism Project, MN, USA
Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, India
Resource Centre of the Americas, USA
Revolution, Norway
Rhode Island Chapter of the Alliance for Democracy, USA
Rights for all that live, the Netherlands
RMALC (Mexican Network for Action on Free Trade), Mexico
Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, Boulder CO, USA
Rural Education Action Project: Rural Vermont, USA
Salzburg Forum Against the MAI, Austria
San Diegans Against Biotechnology (SAB), USA
San Diego Environmental Coalition, USA
San Mateo County Peace Action - USA
Sarawak Campaign Committee, Japan
Save The Exuma Sea Park Exuma Bahamas
Scottish Crofters Union (SCU), UK
Secretariat of the Clean Cloths Campaign in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Senator Dee Margetts, Senator for Western Australia, The Greens (WA),
Senterungdommens Landsforbund / Norwegian Center Youth, Norway
Shimin Gaikou Centre/Citizens' Diplomatic Centre for the Rights of
Indigenous Peoples, Japan
Shuswap Barter Network, Canada
Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, USA
Sindicato Labrego Galego, Spain
Sisters of Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Tokyo-Shinjuku
community), Japan
Sisters of Mercy, B.C., Canada
Sisters of Mercy US Province, CA, USA
Sisters of the Holy Names CA Justice and Peace Committee, USA
Sisters of the Holy Names, CA Leadership Team, USA
Sisters of Benedict, Oklahoma, USA
Site for Social Action-USA
Social Justice Committee, Montreal, Canada
Social Justice Committee of the Olympia Unitarian Universalist
Congregation, WA, USA
Socialist Party of Labor, Philippines
Socialist Workers Party, the Netherlands
Socialist Youth League of Norway, Norway
Society for the Peoples of the Rainforest, Switzerland
Socio-Ecological Union International, international network
SOLIFONDS (Solidarity fund for the social struggles for liberation in
the third world), Switzerland
South African New Economics Foundation (SANE), South Africa
South Asia Community Center for Education and Research, Nagercoil, Tamil
Nadu, India
South Australian Genetic Food Information Network, Australia
Southampton Animal Concern, UK
Southern Neighbourhoods Network, TN, USA
St Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America (IFCLA), MO, USA
Stichting De Brandnetel, the Netherlands
Stichting Promotie, Arabic and Turkish Woman and Family, the Netherlands

Stichting Aarde, the Netherlands
Streatham Micro Credit Fund, UK
Student Action for People and Planet (SAPP), UK
Student Christian Movement, Norway
Students Against the MAI, University of British Columbia, Canada
Sunfactory, Finland
Supportgroup for Jobless People Wageningen, the Netherlands
Survival Center, University of Oregon, USA
Sussex Society for the Public Interest, Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada
Sustainable Alternatives to the Global Economy (SAGE)
Sustainable Economics (magazine of the Green Party, UK)
Swallows, Developing Country Association of Northern Finland
Swedish Consumers' Association, Sweden
Swedish Consumer Coalition, Sweden
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Sweden
Swiss Coalition of Development Organizations, Switzerland
Take Back Georgia, Inc, USA
Targetti Sandro, presidente Commissione Pace Comune di Firenze, Italy
Tartu Student Nature Protection Group, Estonia
Tebtebba Foundation (Indigenous Peoples' International Centre for Policy
Research and Education), the Philippines
Tenessee Industrial Renewal Network (TIRN), USA
TERRA E LIBERTÀ - Campi Bisenzio (Fi), Italy
TESTIMONIANZE  Associazione Culturale - Firenze, Italy
These Tides, Belgium
Third World Network
Tinerii Prietini ai Naturii (Romanian Young Nature Friends), Timisoara,
Towards a Different Europe
Trans Intelligence Internationale Newsletter, Australia
Transnational Institute, Amsterdam
Transnational Resource and Action Center, USA
TRIKONT Verein Lienz, Austria
Tri-people Partnership for Peace and Development (TRIPEACDEV), Ozamiz,
Mindanao Philippines
TRIPEACEDEV-ZN, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines
TRIPEACEDEV-LS, Lanao del Sur, Philippines
TRIPEACEDEV-ZS,  Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines
TRIPEACEDEV-LN, Lanao del Norte, Philippines
Trinity College Dublin One World Society, Ireland
TUC Radio, San Francisco, USA
Tyneside Action for People and Planet (TAPP), UK
Umweltreferat der Diözese Gurk/Ecological comittee of diocese
Gurk/Carinthia, Austria
Umvelt-und Projektwerkstatt Freiburg, Germany
Undercurrents Alternative News Service, UK
United Church of Christ Network for Environmental and Economic
Responsibility, USA
Union Amsterdam Different, the Netherlands
Union de Agricultores y Ganaderos de Rioja (UAGR), Spain
Union for people on the Dole Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Union des Producteurs Suisses (UPS), Switzerland
United First Nations, Canada
United for a Fair Economy, USA
United Steelworkers of America, Los Angeles/Orange Countries Legislative
Committee, USA
United Students Against Sweatshops, WI, USA
University Coalition in Defense of Mumia Abu-Jamal, MN, USA
University of London Environment Society, UK
University of New England Environment Group, Australia
University of Wisconsin - Madison Greens, USA
University-Young Women (U-YW), MN, USA
Urgewald, Germany
Ustawi, Seattle, USA
V.P. Cross Border Network for Justice and Solidarity, Kansas City, USA
Vancouver Chapter Council of Canadians, Canada
Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group, Canada
VENA Library and Information Services on Gender, Social Change and
Development, the Netherlands
Verdener Umveltwerkstatt e.V., Germany
Verein "Lebenswertes Pustertal", Lienz, Austria
Verein zum Schutz der Erholungslandschaft Osttirol, Lienz, Austria
Victoria MAI-DAY Network of BC, Canada
VIRUS, Australia
Visaya Management Consultancy Inc, Cebu City, Philippines
Visions in Action, Washington DC, USA
Vlaams Agrarisch Centrum (VAC), Belgium
VOICE - Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment, Ireland
Volksschule Neufelden, Austria
Vorarlberger Forum against the MAI, Austria
WALHI / Friends of the Earth Indonesia
Washington Biotechnology Action Council, USA
Waterview Publishing, Canada
Weeping Women, Finland
Weltladen-Dachverband, Germany
Weltladen Lienz, Austria
West Coast Environmental Law Association, USA
West Coast Raging Grannies, Vancouver, Canada
Windsor Area MAI-day Coalition for Human Rights, Canada
Windsor and Area Coalition for Social Justice, Canada
Wingham Branch Australian Labour Party, Australia
Wisconsin Fair Trade Campaign, USA
Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua, USA
Women for Peace, Finland
Women For Peace International Department, the Netherlands
Women Working Worldwide, UK
Women's Front of Norway, Norway
Women's Intercultural Network (WIN), San Fransisco, USA
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), BC, Canada
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), France
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF),
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), USA
Women's Information Centre Nicaragua, the Netherlands
Women's Media Watch, Jamaica
Women's National Coalition, South Africa
Women's Resource Centre, Pakistan
Women's World Summit Foundation, Switzerland
Working Group Against the MAI and Globalisation - Turkey
Working Women Organization, Pakistan
Workinggroup North-South FNV Labour Union Groningen, the Netherlands
Workinggroup Towards A Feminist Europe, the Netherlands
WorkSafe! South - Los Angeles, USA
Workshop for all beings, Poland
World Development Movement, UK
World Development Movement - Cheltenham UK Group, UK
World From Himeji, Japan
World Rainforest Movement, Uruguay
World Economy, Ecology and Development (WEED), Germany
W.W.F. - Toscana, Italy
W.W.F Norge / Norway
Yethka Getaways, Alberta, Canada
Youth Approach for Development and Cooperation (YADC), Bangladesh
Youth Environment Active, the Netherlands
Zimbabwe Opportunities Industrialisation Centres (ZOIC), Harare,

Drafted: 21 March 1999

First circulated: 24 March 1999

Last updated: 15 June 1999

Current number of signatories: 690

Countries represented: 73+ - Argentina, Australia, Austria, the Bahamas,
Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon,
Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador,
El Salvador, Estonia, Fiji Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana,
Greece, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia,
Italy, Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Lativa, Lebanon,
Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, the Middle East (two regional
networks), Morocco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway,
Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Senegal,
Spain, South Africa, the Slovak Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand,
Togo, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela,
Zimbabwe. (There are also a number of regional and international
networks listed)

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