Hydrogenated fat and trans fat

Hydrogenated fat has since long been widely used in Sweden. It is mandatory to declare partially hydrogenated or just hydrogenated fats in the ingredient list on the product. In our campaign against these fats we have checked the market and published a list on producers and products using those fats. The list is searchable on producers or products.

Our campaign is focused on eliminating industrial hydrogenating of fats (with more or less trans fats) and we do not demand particular labelling of trans fats. There are so many other dangerous by-products when hydrogenating fats, so it is better to eliminate it totally.

We are convinced that this list has been a good help to consumers to act and also to convince producers that industrially hydrogenated fats are not a consumer preference.

Many producers of bread and cookies have already changed there recipes and now use better fat. See the "green list" here.

Hope you can understand names, although they are in Swedish. You are welcome to contact us if you have questions.

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