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To National Food Administration

Unlawfully high levels of PAHs
in Becel Pro.Activ margarine

We have had Becel Pro.Activ margarine tested and analysed in the same way that the National Food Administration had olive oils analysed on a previous occasion.

The results from these tests are appended and show that the product contains unlawfully high levels of PAHs that clearly exceed the limit of 5 micrograms per kilogram. Since margarine is consumed to a considerably greater extent than olive oil, this is a far more critical public health concern.

Therefore, in order to protect public health, we demand of the National Food Administration

# that the National Food Administration uses its channels of information, in the same way that it did for olive oils, to inform consumers about the content of the carcinogenic agents in Becel Pro.Activ margarine. This duty to inform consumers constitutes the fundamental basis in the prevention of cancer, and is in keeping with the food legislation’s principle of probity and integrity. This information shall be disseminated immediately, so that our society is protected from exposure to unnecessary cancer risks.
# that sales of Becel Pro.Activ are stopped as soon as possible.
# that all products from Unilever that contain fat shall be accompanied by a certificate of analysis that indicates PAH levels, just as this applies for those companies manufacturing and marketing olive oils.
# that the National Food Administration investigates whether the company manufactures products using chemicals that have not received official approval.
# that the National Food Administration, in the same way as for olive oils, informs corresponding authorities in other EU member countries about the content of PAH in Becel Pro.Activ margarine.



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