Swedish Consumer Coalition 
Antibiotics - campaign 
against the overuse of antibiotics for human and 
also animal feeds

We are as consumers concerned about the overuse of antibiotics. An increasing amount of reports show that resistance against antibiotics increase. We feel this is a threat to the normal use of antibiotics when necessary and therefor urge for a more restrictive use of antibiotics. 

Sweden has since long had a ban on use of antibiotics in animal feeds. The rules of EU now threaten our precautious line not giving automatically antibiotics in animal feeds. Therefor it is important that consumer organisations around Europe engage in this question and try to convince their governments and authorities to support the Swedish efforts to change the EU rules. 

We attach some documents of interest as well as some links to important sites, also including some documents from our Ministry of Agriculture. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions. 

Links to Swedish Ministry of Agriculture: 
The Swedish Model of Animal Production (399K)  
Can we use less antibiotics? (270K)  
Today we defeat bacteria. What about tomorrow? (273K)  

Antimicrobial Feed Additives: 
                  SOU 1997:132 (a)  
                  SOU 1997:132 (b)  
                  SOU 1997:132 (c)  

Other links:
Overuse of antibiotics in farm animals is the focus of government health agencies
Drug-resistant salmonella on rise in U.S. - study 
Nordic consumer organisations united in the issue of antibiotics (Press release)

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