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International cooperation:
TACD - Trans Atlantic Consument Dialogue
ASECO - Alliance of Social and Ecological Consumer Organisations
CI - Consumers International
BS RAC Baltic Sea Regional Advisory Council (relating to management of the fisheries in the Baltic Sea)
Council of Europe - (EU on Council of Europe)

We are here publishing a list of documents
from which you can choose depending on interest

2006-11-28 English presentation on campaign against Hydrogenated fats
2006-11-28 ASECO policy paper on Nano technology (pdf)
2005-04-18 TACD - Resolution on trans-fatty acids (pdf)
2004-12-03 New network - ASECO
Alliance of Social and Ecological Consumer Organisations
2004-11-18/19 The International Conference on Consumption Safety & Protection
- The World Consumer Protection Forum in Taiwan the 18-19 November 2004.

Bengt Ingerstam, president of the Swedish Consumer Coalition, were one of the speakers:
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2003-05-26 English: High values of PAH found in health-margarine

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2002-12-19 European Parliament says no to more food irradiation

Press release - Brussels - The European Parliament's (EP) rejection to expand
the list of food products that are permitted for irradiation in the European
Union indicates a growing concern about the safety of food irradiation.

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2002-09-23 Five myths about food additives

Consumers are subjected to a number of myths when it comes to food additives. Swedish Consumer Coalition has analysed five of the most common myths. We question why there are so many chemical additives in our foods. Who benefits from manipulated foods?

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2001-07-05 New report: Unapproved and unacceptable GMO

We take a close look at the many cases were genetically modified organisms (GMO) corn, rape seed (canola) and other GMOs have entered into our food chain by mistake. Consumers demand to have a choice and want to be able to avoid GMO foods. We also argue that Europe should pursue its own food and agricultural policy, for the benefit of consumers and farmers, and urge the European Commission to promote sustainable and organic agriculture.

Read the report: Unapproved and unacceptable GMO (pdf)

2001-02-20 Codex Alimentarius: Towards a Global Food Law?
Speech by Martin Frid at the EU Latin American Consumer Conference in Cartagena, Colombia
2000-11-24 Workshop on Food Safety "New Strategy on GMOs" - An issue paper on "genetically
modified organisms" prepared by Martin Frid (Swedish Consumer Coalition).
2000-10-09 Views on Codex regarding hazards in food
2000-03-22 Speech by Martin Frid / Swedish Consumer Forum at the WHO Kiel Conference on risks and food trade
2000-02-04 Report from the EU conference on GMO and WTO (AEC) Irradiation of Foods
1998-11-06 Proposal to Commissioner Franz Fischler regarding Consumer Needs, Advantages and Benefit Evaluation
1999-06-15 We have signed the document opposing "New Round Of Comprehensive Trade Negotiations
1999-02-19 - 1999-02-21 EU Conference on GMO and WTO February 4, 2000 in Brussels
  Campaign against the use of antibiotics in animal feed
1999-05-17 The US industry is trying to weaken the laws on labeling of irradiated food. New proposal from the Food and Drug Administration in conflict with the international CODEX-regulations. Read our comments to FDA here.